EXPO67-17 - Oral Histories
Inspired by his own experience and the films of Expo-67 Kirk Bennett directs a film
employing interviews and archival footage along with unique material of his own,
focusing on the experiences of those who were there and others who’s lives and
attitudes have been impacted by history’s most successful World’s Fair.
The film features a very uinique film-score and avant-
garde filming/editing techniques to bring together
today’s advances in film technology and archival
materials from Expo-67. He combines numerous styles
of media including journalism and experimental film to
shine a unique perspective on the “Expo-experience.”
“For several years I’ve been shooting and preparing
background data to decide how best to address the subject matter of the film,
and having listened to many people’s desire for a living document about Expo-67,
the result is EXPO67-17.  People want something for posterity, a vehicle to tell
their stories of the amazing experience of Expo-67.”
EXPO67-17 - You are invited!
Visitors to Expo-67 are invited to recount their experiences through various forms
of media and to exhibit their souvenirs.  Others are invited to share what they’ve
done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Expo-67 which will take place in 2017. 
If you have a memoire, a story to tell, or something interesting to show we invite
you to contact us.  This is YOUR opportunity to be heard. Just use the CONTACT button above to send us an email and we will surely be in touch. Visit this site again soon for more details about the production and our upcoming crowdfunding campaign where you can contribute to the realization of this project.
Memoires and Oral Histories of those who experienced Expo67
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About the Director
Montreal Cinematographer
Kirk Bennett
has over 25
years of film, broadcast and
video production experience
both behind and in front of
the camera.
In a multitude of capacities
Kirk has taken part in
productions such as Batman,
Passenger 57, Blade Runner
(The Director’s Cut), Lance et
Compte, Formule I, Tarzan
The Series, and industrial film
& video.
Most recently he directed and
completed an historical
“Flight of Le
 about the 1910
flight of the first aircraft to fly
over Montreal. The film is
about to be submitted to the
RIDM festival.
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